Mike Maurillo sound designer

Design, Mix and Edit
'They Turned Our Desert Into Fire' - Documentary Feature directed by Mark Brecke

Mike Maurillo is a graduate of The University of California at Berkeley and The Ex'Pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Following extensive training and professional experience with studio recording, he has found a career as a post production sound designer, engineer and mixer, working primarily with documentaries. He is currently on the staff of Pinch Me Films in Berkeley, CA., and working on his second project for San Francisco based photographer/ filmmaker Mark Brecke.

Mike has also participated in numerous gallery based installation productions with OrphanDrift of London, video artist Ranu Mukherjee and San Francisco based MMAC collective. These works have shown in galleries in London, Vancouver, Tokyo and San Francisco. He brings a lifetime of musical education to his work, as well as years of experience as a professional DJ and founding member of The Brass Tax DJ Collective in San Francisco, where he lives.